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Farming Solutions in Emerging Economies Through Blockchain and AI-Powered Drones

A coconut farmer in Papua New Guinea has used a drone powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence, and charged by renewable energy, to count his yield in a unique trial conducted in the Pacific island nation. The UK-based started Flyingcarpet went to Papue New Guinea’ capital city then travelled four...

Hada DBank Announces New Partnership with Vostad

A week into Hada DBank’s token sale, Vostad moved forward and inked its partnership, which sees Zahid Rashid Mir join on board as Hada DBank’s latest advisor in events and investor relations. Mir, Founder & Director at Vostad commented: “We at Vostad believes the potential of Hada DBank and its dynamic business module. The team behind the development of the project are very ambitious with high determination to push forward the project globally and we intent to support this. Vostad and Hada DBank will work hand in hand to ensure...
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