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Gulf University Empowering Students on Blockchain


Swiss blockchain company KryptoPal will be working together with Gulf University in the Kingdom of Bahrain to develop and then implement a self-sovereign student portfolio management system built on smart contract technology. Currently, students must send transcripts and certifications to many colleges when they apply for a new program but can be exposed to instances where transcripts and certifications are tampered with.

Venkat Nallapati, Founder and CEO of KryptoPal, stated: “We’re excited about the potential this technology can bring to academic institutions like Gulf University because the costs and inefficiencies of document management systems can be eliminated using this new blockchain platform. It is our hope that the security and immutability of blockchain technology will protect students’ personal information and grant full time control over their digital identity,”

With this integrated platform, students will be able to securely manage their private information, such as transcripts and certifications, using the new software via smart contract technology which facilitates credible, verifiable transactions without the need for third parties. This will remove the hassle of traditional document transfers, which often requires unnecessary administration processes that are both lengthy and costly.

Mohanned Al-Anni, Co-Founder and Vice Chair of Board of Directors of Gulf University W.L.L., remarked: “While this blockchain platform will give students immediate access to their digital identity and enable them the freedom to manage and own their personal records, it will also yield huge savings for universities – money better spent on providing quality education,”

Gulf University will also utilize KryptoPal’s software development kit (SDK) for the running of its own organizational systems, ensuring that sensitive data and document management is streamlined and secure.

President of Gulf University, Dr. Mohanad Alfiras said: “We’re eager to implement this new blockchain platform into our systems to provide students with sovereignty over their digital identity. We believe the use of smart contract technology will revolutionize both how we as the university manage our own systems, as well as how our students manage critical information that is used to move forward in their careers,”

Habib Ahmed Juma, a Bachelor of Human Resource Management student who is about to complete his second year at Gulf University will be among the first students to be granted full sovereignty over his academic information on the blockchain.

Juma commented: “I’m very excited about the university’s plans to implement this new, innovative system as it will be a huge part of my professional future after graduation. This innovation will make my life easier as I can manage and store all my academic information securely on the blockchain, like a verifiable LinkedIn which I can have with me and build on for the rest of my career,”

As part of the endeavour to bring blockchain to the tertiary sphere, Gulf University is planning to launch dedicated blockchain technology courses.

Dr. Hesham El Marsafawy, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Gulf University, noted: “The world has become digital and it is important that we both utilize and educate others about this innovative technology to stay ahead of the curve, and to better prepare our students for the future of the global economy,”

Gulf University is also making a strategic business investment in KryptoPal as part of its commitment to driving innovation in the Gulf region.

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.