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Emergent Intelligence Protocol and Advisory Firm Announce Partnership

Emergent Intelligence Protocol Fetch.AI and TokenMarket Announce Partnership (PRNewsfoto/Fetch.AI)

Fetch.AI, an AI powered, self-organising ‘smart ledger’, has announced a partnership with token information and advisory firm, TokenMarket. TokenMarket will work closely with Fetch.AI’s lead investor and strategic advisory firm, Outlier Ventures, to deliver the Fetch protocol within the blockchain ecosystem. This meets Fetch’s wider plan to ensure that its next generation artificial intelligence system is adopted into everyday society.

Humayun Sheikh, Fetch CEO and Co-Founder, stated: “The TokenMarket team provides additional capability in the distributed ledger technology space which complements the strategic advice we receive from Outlier Ventures. The Fetch protocol offers the world a completely new technical and economic framework for delivering value and AI that makes algorithms and the knowledge they deliver available to all users of the network. It’s a collective intelligence that will dramatically improve the way complex systems like transport, energy and healthcare function.”

Fetch.AI is already part of the MOBI initiative, which includes automotive brands representing 70% of the world’s manufacturing capacity, to standardise distributed ledger technologies within the automotive sector. Fetch.AI is working with MOBI partners to investigate applications such as vehicle identity, supply-chain tracking, autonomous machine payments and data markets for autonomous driving. A further partnership with ULedger makes it possible for the Fetch network to consume centralised data from IoT devices in a provable manner, whilst ULedger’s users are able to leverage ‘autonomous agents’ on the Fetch network to realise optimal value for their data.

TokenMarket CEO and Founder, Ransu Salovaara commented: “Fetch introduces autonomous economic agents that are set to revolutionise many industries, whilst making life considerably easier for consumers. TokenMarket are thrilled to be working with a team that is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, and that have created a new highly scalable core distributed ledger to underpin its vision. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Fetch,”

The partnership aims to see the world of knowledge sharing and artificial intelligence made easier for both businesses and the consumers. The project is set to release later this year with further details to be provided in the coming months. With more than 30 individual projects launched last year, TokenMarket’s experience in providing services to blockchain businesses, as well as its ability to deliver to clients in multiple industries, has given the business experience with advisory firms across the board.


Matthew Warner
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