Aitheon to Integrate Blockchain-Powered Platform with Top Business Solutions


Aitheon, creators of a blockchain-powered platform to integrate AI, robotics, IoT, human specialists and cryptocurrency, has disclosed a number of ongoing discussions with leading global businesses, exploring ways to extend their solutions utilizing Aitheon’s platform.

Working in the USA, Middle East, and Asia, cooperation India-based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), will enable Aitheon and IL&FS to jointly service clients with fully automated robotic material handling and storage solutions. Pending requirements being met, this partnership will also allow for businesses running on the Aitheon platform to be financed by IL&FS. Aitheon has also entered into agreements with Kaynes Technology for manufacturing services, where Aitheon has also co-located it’s India offices.

Aitheon leadership has additionally met with executives from the Washington D.C. based World Bank, regarding possible uses of the Aitheon token and integration of payments using the AIC cryptocurrency. Meetings were also held with leaders at SAP, suppliers of business software solutions, to explore a partnership to enable the sharing of information between the two platforms. Aitheon and Microsoft Technology Center in Dubai will shortly be meeting to discuss possible synergies between the Aitheon platform and Microsoft’s back-office solutions.

The Aitheon platform also enables the incorporation of external robots, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, and a wide range of sensors into its solutions. Aitheon executives believe that connecting with the broadest array of devices, from many manufacturers, improves the flexibility and value of the platform and helps drive adoption and improvement for the end customers.

The company is exploring integration of Decibel.LIVE’s sensors and solutions within the Aitheon platform to make it accessible to Aitheon users. A Netherlands-based company, Decible.Live has created an advanced noise monitoring platform that combines real-time sensor data with blockchain-based smart contracts to produce open, verifiable results and instant compensation direct to impacted parties.

Executives at Aitheon are also in talks with Next Future Transportation, Inc., of San Jose, CA, a company pioneering new transportation solutions utilizing autonomous transportation pods. If consensus is reached, the two companies will integrate Next’s driverless vehicles within the Aitheon platform to leverage the versatility of human command and control to augment their technology.

Discussions are also taking place with a Dubai-based company to integrate new types of secure sound-based payment services. The company offers payment solutions that use sound waves to enable offline, proximity-based completely secure and rapid contactless payments through the blockchain.

Andrew Archer, Aitheon Founder and CEO commented: “It is extremely gratifying to see the level of interest the Aitheon platform is attracting on the world stage. This notion of AI, robotics and humans working together in a symbiotic ecosystem captures the imagination. Not just because it’s novel — but because it works. The Aitheon platform is enabling forward-thinking leaders to envision solutions and leverage innovations across industries that have never been possible until now.”

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.