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Minexcoin Roadmap Details Atomic Swaps, Debit Cards and Other Updates


MinexSystems, a blockchain solutions company for products such as Minexcoin and MinexBank, recently released its updated 2018 roadmap. The roadmap extends until the fourth quarter of 2018, designated to enlarge a holistic ecosystem for MNX. The company believes that 2018 will become a year when decentralized payment methods will receive great support among not only crypto-enthusiast but the general public too.

In 2018, developers will focus in several directions. MinexBank is in the homestretch of autonomous volatility smoothing algorithm final testing. Since the end of last year, the bank’s system was has been re-architected and qualitatively improved. It now waits for some cosmetic and usability improvements. By the end of the first quarter, the team is planning to provide the community with the iOS version for mobile banking. After the app’s launch, it is expected to release a new version of hard-wallet. It will provide an improved interface, entirely new design and UX.

The first big releases scheduled in the first quarter will be MNX Atomic Swaps and an alpha version of the decentralized exchange. Minexcoin will enable direct peer-to-peer exchange transaction across separate chains. After the presentation of working code, the team plans to contribute an interest-free exchanger for MNX/BTC and MNX/LTC pairs to the community.

After the final alpha version debugging, a decentralized exchange will be officially released. Through Atomic Swaps, it will provide a high level of security with as low commissions for traders.

The second quarter will begin with two releases. First is the Web&Mobile wallets that allow the use of MNX without the need to download blockchain, install software, etc. Second is a Debit Cards Launch which will enable payments in MNX around the world.

As soon as MNX receives new payment possibilities, there will be three different products released to enhance Minexcoin usability as a payment service. MinexMerchant will allow adding MNX as a payment tool to any business. With MinexMarket, users will be able to sell virtual or real goods and services. The platform will work in two versions: standard and enterprise-expansion for business. Without the need to study code it will be possible to create decentralized registries, issue your tokens or create smart contracts for different business needs.

For the fourth quarter, the company has announced the preparing of foundations for developing Green Algo and its own Decentralized Computer. Upgraded algorithm for MNX blockchain will make it possible to spend mining capacities not only on calculations for the sake of calculations, but to guide it for the benefit of society – for science or health-care needs, for example. The Decentralized Computer will become a virtual Turing environment for performing smart-contracts in the Minexcoin network and will open to the company a whole range of new opportunities for 2019.

CEO and founder of MinexSystems, Boris Shulyaev commented: “Those who closely follow our project may have noticed that updated roadmap is slightly different from our last year’s plans. Often new ideas appear during work processes of work: we understand that some technologies become outdated, while others, on the contrary, become relevant for MinexSystems development. This roadmap covers precisely that timeline which we can plan. As for 2019 goals, it’s too early to talk about them; however, our team already has some ideas for the next year.”

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.