Latin American Seed Capital Fund InvertUP Holds ICO


Mango Startups is launching an ICO for up to $3 million investment in a pool of technology start-ups in the Latin America Market. The Latin American seed capital fund InvertUP, listed in the Costa Rica Alternative National Stock Exchange, intends to release up to 30 million tokens during its Initial Coin Offering through its SPV, Mango Startups, with a nominal token cost per unit is set at $0.10. The pre-sale will begin on the 10th of January, 2018.

The first $1.0 million raised, will be invested in the eight Latin America start-ups held in the InvertUP seed capital fund portfolio, while the remaining funds will be invested in the next batch of start-ups introduced to the fund, from a pool of LATAM top performers. Future investors will have the opportunity to exit their positions in the start-ups to obtain maximum profit, and to trade Mango tokens on the secondary market.

Managing Partner of InvertUP Seed Capital Fund, Marcelo Lebendiker explained: “Investors will have a unique opportunity to back start-ups that have already grown out of the initial stages of their development, having raised their first investment rounds from various funds, accelerators and business angels. In our project, investors gain access to a diversified portfolio of actively developed and promising start-ups in the venture market . Potential investors can invest with confidence and trust since our Seed Fund meets all the requirement of transparency and good practices of the National Alternative Stock Exchange of Costa Rica. I’m confident that the innovative collaboration between InvertUP Seed Capital Fund and its SPV, Mango Startups, will prove a promising format for the venture market that can grow to be adopted by other players in the industry in the near future,”

The main determinant of the token price in the secondary market will be the Y0Y performance of the portfolio of companies that adhere to the fund. Among some of the variables that will determine performance are: raising a new round of investment, revenue growth, partnerships with major market participants, getting start-ups into larger accelerators and successful exits – acquisition of the start-up by a strategic investor. The Aditi/Kiboo acquisition, part of the InvertUP 16/17 fund, raised the company valuation 12x since its seed round.

When future successful exits take place, the acquirer will be required to make the prorated contribution in Mango tokens. This is done through the SPV Mango Startups, which will distribute outstanding profits as ‘bonus’ for all token holders or, repurchase the tokens in the secondary market. Since the total supply of Mango tokens will be capped at 4.0M, then the price of the token is expected to increase.

Gabriel Chernacov, Vice President of InvertUP Seed Capital Fund, commented: “The democratization of venture investment with a clear exit strategy, based on transparency and trust, is the primary motivation behind this project. Successful exits of the startups in the investment pool will allow the ICO’s participants to receive an income comparable to the level of profitability in the existing venture industry. The secondary aim for the project is the creation of a highly liquid secondary tokens market. This will allow many potential investors to participate in venture financing of projects with a low entry threshold and the ability to exit at any stage of their implementation. Gains in the market price will provide an opportunity to achieve ROI from reselling the tokens. The relatively low initial value of the token is an additional factor that increases its liquidity and attractiveness. Finally, without any doubt, enlisting our Seed Fund InvertUP on a Stock Market will give the ICO investors confidence in our process.”

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.