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Ethereum-Funded Movie Premieres at Hollywood


The world’s first Ethereum-funded Movie “The Pitts Circus” will be celebrating its world premiere in Hollywood at the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival from the 9th of November to the 15th of November, screening at Laemmle’s, North Hollywood. The Laemmle Company was established in 1938 by nephews of the Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle.

The plot of the film centres around an Australian Circus Family who get into trouble over a hardware wallet that belongs to an aristocratic family. The movie follows the family on their journey and gives viewers an authentic insight into family life on the road with the circus but in a modern context, where blockchain has an increasing important impact in day-to-day life. The film is a mixture of light-hearted family-oriented entertainment and comedy.

The Pitts Circus is an international production, with global focal points in Switzerland, Australia, the UK and Ireland. It was shot in Australia and Switzerland early in 2017 and the post-production took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Last September, The Pitts Circus has won an award at the “Amsterdam Around International Film Festival”. The Pitts Circus Producer Toni Caradonna has been invited to the ‘Cape Town Film Festival’ in South Africa to present the project. The film was also recently nominated for the digital sustainability award from the Research Center for Digital Sustainability of the University of Bern.

Funding for this film was completed earlier this year through the Ethereum Movie Venture token sale. The token is trading live on, and Ethereum Movie Venture plans to further productions, with an initial target of one production per year. Currently, a vote is taking place to determine which project will go ahead in 2018. All Ethereum Movie Venture token holders have a voting token that they can use to choose the project that they think should have funding in 2018.

The Ethereum Movie Venture team is now looking at ways of making the ecosystem bigger, by airdropping a special token that can be accepted by partners as a payment means for things such as getting access to a movie theatre.

Toni Caradonna, Producer of the The Pitts Circus, said: “Originally we were a bunch of Circus-freaks and Cryptopunks that always wanted to tell the amazing Story of this unique Circus Family. We were absolutely blown away with the success of our independent movie that is so not Hollywood.” He went on to say: “With the advent of Ethereum we felt this is a game-changer. We believe that blockchain technology will have the same impact on society as the Internet did. For the first time in history, humans are delegating trust away from institutions and people to machines and processes. With every disruptive innovation technology that can be both good and bad. In our case it empowered us and our community to create a piece of art that does not follow mainstream. We strongly believe in diversity in society and in the arts too. The fact that Ethereum has made this possible and gave art the voice we think it merits is a good thing. This movie about this amazing family is the proof that blockchains like Ethereum actually do have a real world impact that is way above the boring trading business. The fact that I have been invited to talk to ambassadors, consuls and even the Assistant Director of the Swiss National Bank shows that this could be big!”

The Pitts Circus is directed by Ken Fanning, edited by Stuart Sloan and produced by Toni Caradonna. Post-production was done in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Audio post-production is from Soundstudio, Berlin. The world premiere takes place in Hollywood on the 14th of November.

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.