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Hub Culture to Collaborate with Ciao Group for Digital Financial Product Marketplace


Ciao Group, Inc. has announced plans to enter a collaboration agreement with Hub Culture in order to proceed with a pilot of its recently announced secure digital financial products marketplace, set to be constructed on a blockchain backbone and linked to a digital asset service engine managed by Hub Culture. Ciao Group recently revealed its Blockchain Frontier Markets Project, which has been under development over the past year, with a specific initial target of bringing increased liquidity to USD$530 billion in African publicly-traded company market capitalization.

Hub Culture is a collaboration platform founded in 2002 to facilitate the needs of global citizenship serviced by Hub Culture’s digitally backed ‘Pavilions’. Hub Culture is focussed on the formation of ‘ecosystem technologies’ – a set of linked and interdependent services including flagship Pavilions, 2048 fast retail, the Ven digital currency, HubID digital identity system, the machine intelligence project, and blockchain audit service the Open Audit Initiative These and other emerging technologies are currently being utilized at the Hub Culture Innovation Campus and Beach Club, operating in Bermuda this summer as a showcase for fintech innovation.

Ciao Group recently announced a refreshed business plan to concentrate on developing locally-sourced technology and telecommunication services within frontier and emerging economic markets. The Company is in the process of changing its name to NuMelo Technology as part of the business plan refresh.

Matthew Warner
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