Blockchain BraveLog for Sports Personnel


Last year, Microsoft furthered blockchain technology into a new area by announcing its alliance with AMIS, Taiwan Triathlon Co. Ltd., ITRI and Fubon Financial Holdings and established its first sports blockchain “BraveLog”. BraveLog aims to record sports events and sportsmen profile.

Using Microsoft Azure Platform, the blockchain structure developed by AMIS and the front channel developed by ITRI, a high profile and secure sports activity sharing platform is established. BraveLog, a new milestone of blockchain application, is estimated to be officially launched at the Garmin LAVA Dapeng Bay Triathlon on January 7th.

Focusing on the participating players, the sports blockchain aims to record sports events and establish a ‘sports CV’ of the player. With the credibility and availability of the data at its core, the sports blockchain differentiates itself by providing a player based rather than an event based enquiry structure. In the future, sports data will be able to be accessed across multiple devices, which will enable players to understand their capabilities, manage their personal training journey effectively, design training plan accordingly, so as to achieve the goal of facilitating sports experience and expand the spectrum of the sports industry.

The key advantages of Azure platform include openness, transparency and scalability. It also supports the distributed ledger technology and provides the controllable high-speed cloud computing capacity. The platform complies with the ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI-DSS industrial standards and regulations, which effectively integrates and complements different applications and scenarios.

The front channel application of BraveLog developed by ITRI fully adopts Microsoft Azure PaaS, and the Visual Studio Team Services that allows the development team to practice development, share coding and track work log. The Wep App and Azure SQL Database enable fast build, web App deployment and auto-adjusting load balancer with an economical and efficiency way that is able to accommodate future user growth on BraveLog.

Jerry Gong, EPG Lead at Microsoft Taiwan, said: “Microsoft Taiwan has high expectations over the potential of blockchain technology and will continue the efforts in expanding the application of Microsoft Azure BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) to more industries and scenarios. This time we join hands with AMIS, Taiwan Triathlon Co. Ltd., ITRI and Fubon Financial Holdings to launch the world’s first sports blockchain ‘BraveLog’. This is truly an important milestone for the development of blockchain in Taiwan. As a powerful support for the fundamental structure of sports blockchain, Microsoft Azure accommodates the human-oriented requirements and reduces the cost and risk of centralized management. Furthering from the Fintech blockchain, Microsoft Azure also collaborates with medical services, supply chain, the food industry and other sectors in the development of blockchain technology. Fruitful results can surely be seen in the near future.”

“Taiwan Triathlon” firstly adopts the technology in the sports domain and will officially initiate BraveLog at the Garmin Lava Dapeng Bay Triathlon on January 7th. BraveLog will keep track of the sports data on site and provide immutable and credible competition results for participants. In addition, the results will be added onto the 2017 LAVA series competition and provide participants an exclusive personal participation CV. A social platform for sportsmen in the future is in the plan, as well as the integration with current sign-up and payment system in hope to achieve the goal of elevating the sports industry.

The sports blockchain “BraveLog” not only records the participant data, but also can be deep rooted in the sports industry, serving as a reference for coaches to train athletes and cultivate elite national players by utilizing big data. Besides the application in the financial industry and the sports domain, any industry that relies on the use of immutable and irreplaceable data, distributed storage and shared ledger can adopt blockchain for further development.

Matthew Warner
Based near Windsor, England, Matthew Warner is an enthusiast for innovative, cutting edge technologies. He is a B.Eng. graduate in engineering with honors from the University of Warwick and also holds an PGCE in education degree. Matthew is a member of Mensa.