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Fluent Rebrands to Hijro, Announces Blockchain Trade Asset Marketplace


Fintech company Fluent, the financial operating network for global trade, has announced a rebranding to ‘Hijro‘, and has announced the Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace, built on blockchain technology. The Hijro team will continue to build on their developments and achievements of the past two years, which included a $2.5MM seed round, as they continue to attract banks, businesses, and non-bank lenders to the Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace.

The rebrand to Hijro was reported as a refocus for the company, emphasizing its goal to become the connected network or global ‘waterway’ powering trade finance. The Hijro rebrand also includes a new website to allow businesses, banks, lenders, and trade platforms to request access to working capital solutions.

Lamar Wilson, CEO, remarked: “The vast majority of the world’s prosperous cities are connected to waterways that have provided unrestricted access to goods, technology, and new ideas for thousands of years. I chose the name Hijro to be representative of the waterways that support global trade, connecting siloed, antiquated IT systems and financial services to reduce friction between banks, businesses, and non-bank lenders who join our network.”

At the core of the Hijro Network is the Trade Asset Marketplace, a multi-bank, multi-lender marketplace for trade assets. The marketplace leverages distributed ledger technology to drive security, automation, and efficiency in origination, distribution, tracking, settlement, and reconciliation of trade assets, with a focus on open-account trade. The Hijro Trade Asset Marketplace provides access to a global network of businesses, banks, and liquidity providers who power working capital solutions built on the Hijro Network.

Matthew Warner
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